The Late Chief Lekan Salami, Isreal Adebajo and Justice Chuba Ikpeazu had put heads together to contribute their quota to improve the country’s image in soccer.

Hence, each of them resolved to establish a Club side in their own domains.  As a result, Chief Lekan Salami settled for Shooting Stars of Ibadan.  The name Shooting Stars, was a metamorphosis of the reigning Pepsi-Cola Football Club formed in 1960 and owned by Western Nigeria Development Corporation (WNDC).  The acronym “Shooting Stars’ was added with the suggestion of Late Jide Johnson and Niyi Omowon as foundation members who believed that the Players were  “Stars in their own right.

The name IICC was finally confirmed in 1976 when the three States, Oyo, Ogun and Ondo were created out of the Western State and the Club transferred   to Oyo State.